Texas Bass Fishing Lures

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Texas Bass Fishing Lures

Land Monster Bass using Lucky Strike’s Texas Tested Lures

As the saying goes, everything’s bigger in Texas, and the Bass are no exception. Known for being home to some of the world’s largest Bass, Texas is an attractive destination for any avid angler. That’s why Lucky Strike has launched a Pro Staff R&D program in the heart of Texas, to test our Live Series lures and offer the best tackle possible.

Key Texas Bass Fishing Locations
Texas has a great reputation for fishing, and is especially renowned for monster Bass. In Falcon Lake, Choke Canyon, Lake Amistad, Lake Fork and many other lakes near Dallas Texas, anglers have been reeling in huge Bass for years, and Lucky Strike Bait Works has been there.

Live Series® Tackle
Recently, with our Texas Tested® program, Lucky Strike has been proactively designing and testing lures to consistently perform for anglers in Texas. A key focus of our Texas Tested® program is our Live Series® Tackle Lineup. These Lures are unmatched in realistic movement in the water, true colour patters, durability, and variety of sizes and patterns.

Texas Tested® Performance and Results
We’re pleased that our initial performance feedback has been very positive. Our Texas Tested® Pro Staff R&D Team has been catching fish after fish and sending us their valuable feedback.

What to Buy: Recommendations from the Experts in Texas
Bass in Texas naturally feed on Black Crappie. Two Live Series® Lure patterns that have proven test after test to perform in Texas are the Black Crappie and Yellow Perch designs. Even we were impressed with the size and frequency of the Bass being caught with these two lures since we began our Texas Tested® program. We highly recommend you check these lures out!

4” Black Crappie

4” Yellow Perch

Learn More About the Texas Tested® Team, Tackle and Performance
Explore some great resources below showcasing the Texas Tested® Team, a Case Study glimpse of initial results, and our Live Series® Tackle Lineup.

Just the Beginning

Our fishing lure testing in Texas is going great and there’s no end in sight. Lucky Strike is committed to continuous learning and innovation, and providing fishing products that perform time after time for our good friends in Texas.

If you have a fishing story about using Lucky Strike fishing tackle in Texas, please submit it to us via our photo and video contest!

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