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B2 Basket Trout Net 18-30″ Collapsible Telescopic Handle

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Product Code: 6133012

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Knotless Nylon Mesh With A Rubber Coating And A Flat Bottom Shape.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 22 × 36 in

1 review for B2 Basket Trout Net 18-30″ Collapsible Telescopic Handle

  1. salmontroutsteelhead

    This net is great. It’s relatively portable, very sturdy; has a nice yoke for it’s size, and the basket is deep and large enough to hold some decent sized fish.
    I got this net for small to mid sized trout, but it can easily handle anything up to larger male Pink Salmon as well as mid sized Cohos and small Chinook (Pacific fish, not Great Lakes.
    The fine rubberized mesh is the one feature that has positive sides and a negative side; the positive being that it is fish friendly for catch and release, and it is very durable. he negative side is that due to the fineness of the mesh, you can’t scoop the fish very well when landing due to the drag created by such a fine mesh, so it is necessary to corral or bring the fish to the net instead.
    Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this net again if I somehow lost or broke my current one, and the only thing that would convince me to upgrade would be if there was a release of a newer, lighter version of the same net.

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