Freshwater Fishing Trends to Watch

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Freshwater Fishing Trends to Watch

Another exciting year of fishing is upon us and whether you’re a tournament pro or simply joining friends for a relaxing weekend, here are a few things to look out for:

1. Weather and Climate Trends

Temperature variability is becoming a real factor for freshwater anglers. It’s always been important, but recently the magnitude of temperature change has increased and understanding the impact of these changes of fish patterns and behaviours is essential to successful fishing experiences. Consider temperature and weather patterns when planning trips. Warmer temperatures encourage fish to go deeper, but they’re limited by the oxygen levels at more extreme depths. Bring a variety of lures to maintain the flexibility to fish at various depths.

In the long-term, look for the impact of warmer temperatures on underwater plant life. This can change the lakebed landscape, which will in turn impact the types of angling and fish species found at a given location.

Future product research will include further understanding the impact of climate change and extreme weather on fish species, and how to best reflect that in tackle technologies.

2. New Freshwater Fishing Product Trends

Over recent years there have been some meaningful advancements in lure and net technologies.

For nets, advancements in fish-friendly mesh technologies including flat bottom designs, cradle designs, rubber coating and tangle-free options have improved. In addition, lock-in-place technology has been added to handles, and handle material technologies have advanced to offer more durability and versatility than ever. These technologies keep anglers focused on fishing and not fighting with their gear, as well as supporting conservation.

For tackle, advancements have been focused on life-like action and improved finishes. Quality tackle is now more than ever able to re-create very lifelike action as well as mimic the appearance of real fish. Finishes such as glow-in-the-dark and UV are applied to achieve better results. New technologies support conservation, help anglers catch fish, and give them more options for mobility and angling style than ever before.

3. Lifestyle Trends

There is a growing focus on and availability of environmentally friendly angling products. These include products that are less harmful to fish as well as products that allow anglers to fish in remote areas with minimal footprint. With a move toward Adventure Angling, anglers must be more strategic when planning and buying for their fishing outings. We are seeing more emphasis on mobility and a stronger focus on immersion in nature as well as conservation. Today’s angler is an environmentally-conscious angler who wants to catch fish, and wants to have a great experience while doing it.

4 . Population and Crowding Trends

Urban sprawl has had an impact on the outskirts of many Canadian and American cities. The result is that areas which were once sparsely decorated with anglers are becoming more and more crowded. This trend is expected to increase in coming years. If crowding is a concern, we suggest considering seeking more remote locations and trying Adventure Angling – angling in very remote and difficult-to-reach locations. More versatile or durable equipment will allow the flexibility to adjust as needed.

For travellers, another factor to consider is currency exchange. Canadian currency is favourable relative to the US dollar for those looking to travel to Canadian fishing destinations. This will also impact the business of popular angling areas.

5. Social and Community Trends

There is a growing emphasis on social networks and the platforms available for anglers to share their catch. Community enthusiasm is at an all-time high for anglers and there is a strong trend toward an active online community. Anglers are also looking for other ways to show their support for angling. Sales for gear and decals have grown and are expected to continue to rise for the foreseeable future. Wearing gear, placing decals on vehicles, tackle boxes, laptop cases, and more has become the norm as anglers display their passion at increasing levels.

6. Gamification and Challenge-Based Freshwater Fishing

Many anglers are looking to find new challenges and new ways to test their skills. Fishing presents a unique opportunity for active people who enjoy the outdoors to challenge themselves physically and intellectually while still conserving the environment. Look for new platforms that pose fun and exciting challenges to anglers and allow them to compete, socialize and gain achievements.

Final Thoughts

It’s an exciting time for freshwater anglers. Advances in technology, trends towards more adventure and social sharing present new and exciting challenges for the fishing community. We encourage anglers to try new techniques, new net and tackle technologies, and to keep learning. At Lucky Strike Bait Works, our goal is to bring nets, tackle and information to freshwater anglers, so that they can have the most successful fishing experience possible.

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