How do you use a Gang Troll for fishing?

How do you use a Gang Troll for fishing?

Gang Trolls use a rudder that guides a series of spinning blades on a strong steel wire. Attach your line to the rectangular rudder end of the Gang Troll and then attach a bait to the swivel at the other end of the Gang Troll. There are many different methods and choices of what to put at the end for bait. One recommended method is to have 10 – 15 inches of line that connects your lure of choice to the back swivel of the Gang Troll. Your lure of choice can be anything with a hook whether it is your favourite spoon or live bait. Once you have done this then you are ready to let the Gang Troll drop down to the desired depth and begin to troll. The Gang Troll will resemble a school of fish with your bait trailing behind. The fish are attracted to the school and move in to eat the last fish in line which in this case is your bait.

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