Choosing the Right Fishing Net

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Choosing the Right Fishing Net

Understanding the Differences Between Fishing Net Styles

Whether you’re new to fishing, or a seasoned pro, a fishing net is an essential tool for your arsenal. When choosing the right net for you, consider performance, ergonomics, technology and conservation. Here’s a brief guide to help match you with your perfect fishing net.

  1. Rubber Nets

    These nets are tops when it comes to combining fish friendliness, “Hook Free” mesh technology, and high durability. A must-have for the responsible angler seeking ultimate reliability in all conditions and environments.

  2. Basket Nets

    This net style cuts through the water with less drag than a traditional rubber net while still offering the important advantages offered by our Rubber Nets lineup.

  3. Cradle Nets

    If you’re looking to catch and release big fish species such as Pike and Muskie, Cradle Nets are a great option. No need to lift heavy fish from the water, just guide them into a cradle net, unhook and set your catch free with no harm and minimal stress.

  4. Tangle-Free Nets

    Featuring rubber coated mesh, designed to minimize hooks catching compared to traditional uncoated mesh nets, our Tangle-Free lineup is our lightest-weight style of rubber coated net.

  5. Minnow and Smelt Nets

    Sometimes the fish species you’re after is small….very small. If this is you, a finer nylon mesh style is what you need. Our Minnow and Smelt Nets lineup is light-weight, easy to use and maximizes capture.

  6. Kuralon / Cotton Mesh Nets

    Kuralon / Cotton Mesh Nets are an economical option for the casual or entry-level angler. A basic, trusty net lineup.

  7. Poly Nets

    Poly Nets are an economical net lineup with the versatility of many size options to suit your angling needs.

Lucky Strike Bait Works has been a leading manufacturer of fishing nets for over 70 years. In that time, our nets have earned a reputation for quality, performance, ease of use and fish friendliness. To learn more about our fishing net lineups and models, visit

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